Welcoming our lovely little ones into the world is a happy occasion very much worthy of a Christening party.  It is often the very first celebration that we as parents will organise and there can be a lot to consider, especially if there is family from afar or if you are living abroad and coming home to celebrate.

We have entertained at many different places and there are a surprising number of decisions to be made.

Here is a list we hope may help you in your organising and plans.

  • Window shop before you start booking things, once you have your date is can be very stressful organising a major celebration if you don’t have much time.
  • Book the naming ceremony venue or church, this will likely influence the date.
  • What do you need from a venue, catered, self-catering, parking, accessibility?
  • Special dietary requirements should be considered, does your venue or caterer cater for different diets and allergies.
  • Work out how many guests you will be inviting. This is important and will affect your budget.
  • Will there be lots of children? It’s best to avoid having lots of separate smaller rooms and multiple levels and stairs, children will need a small amount of space and something to occupy if you don’t want the room to be used as an athletic track.
  • Outside space is a great option, you never know it might be a sunny day.
  • If there is a buffet option cater for half the children, they rarely eat much at celebrations and there is always food left over. If you are going for a sit-down meal, there is no need to provide a 3-course meal for the kids, they rarely eat a big meal and usually only want a lunch box or chicken and chips type thing.
  • Book your cake as soon as you can, good cakes makers are booked up well in advance.
  • Decorations: will you be covering the tables or decorating with balloons? Booking can be done up to a couple of weeks before. Buy from a shop that delivers, balloons are tricky to transport.
  • What entertainment options are there for christening celebrations? The options range from a DJ to magicians, these are great if you have older children and families. The best options for younger children is a supervised play area. Bluey and Baloo provides play equipment, balloon modelling, music, arts and crafts, the joy is that the kids play and adults can join in or have a catch up with family members.
  • Some families wait until their little one is 1 and have a combined birthday and christening in one.
  • Ask your professionals for help or reassurance, a good event professional is always happy to help wherever they can.

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