I have been running a business for 10 years, been a mum for 24 years and have successfully combined the two. I attend Bizmums women’s networking and other groups where my youngest daughter has (very happily) followed me round from the age of 3 weeks. I mostly work weekends when my husband is home and very occasionally I have taken my daughters to work with me.

No conferences for us

There is one kind of event we did not attend – conferences. This is a major irony considering that conference childcare is a service we offer at Bluey and Baloo, there were conference notifications that popped into my inbox, a question was asked – do you have a conference crèche? No, they said, we are never asked. Have they asked their clients whether a crèche might be appreciated or thought about the clients that simply do not get in touch? Possibly not. With a growing number of parents leaving employment to work for themselves it is very important that the business community caters for parents, the happy result is that more people will be able to make it.

Is event childcare a service that is not needed? My clients that book this service would say it is, meeting up with other people that share a common interest is an absolute joy. Conference crèches are not a new thing, the most established company in the UK is over 22 years old, all the major political parties have mobile crèche facilities and many charities also have provision, we work with the BiCon UK team, they have been organising conferences/conventions since 1984. The Walking with Giants Foundation also has an event crèche at their conference.

Good news

Attending an international conference is also lots of fun and many connections are made at conferences, the lovely people at WordCamp Europe have crèche facilities, do you need an excuse to go to Paris? Having a crèche means more families can go and even volunteers can take advantage of the facility.

The joy for us is that it’s like going on a free activity camp for the kids and it is guilt-free parenting. The other joy is that they are often funded by the conference organisers and are free.

If you are organising a conference or know a group that is and want to know more about a crèche do get in touch.


Best wishes, Michelle